Friday, January 27, 2023

3 ways to raise the economy for the poor

1.'A bike giving culture'

Now as a man who didn't have a car for a while, I can empathize with those with little money to buy a car. I have come up with a government program we should consider. If a person is without a mode of transportation for a while it makes them hard to get another job, access resources, socialize, shop and run their lives in a very productive way. Economically more free time gives people more resources. It makes a better economy. So those without a mode of transportation for a long period of time could be helped with a bicycle with an engine. 

2.Additionally we should add routes for buses 40 miles out from a major town to give poor people the chance to move closer to work. This creates a lot of possibilities for the poor.

Statistically this raises the economy in a positive way.

We can help the poor this way. 

3.We also need to keep remote positions available as they offer more possibilities and help the economy.

Statistics are positive.

Make these things apart of affirmative action for the poor. Keep remote jobs as a way to help the poor.

This stops travel trauma. People that don't have a car can have travel trauma.

A cheaper electric bike should be the goal climately. So we can transition to a more planet healthy bike.

Bike should have solid rubber tires to stop from constant flats that people on bicycle get. Make the engines real durable. We need to make transportation without problems for a cheap price. They should be subsidized transportation.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Fighting Food Waste II

I have a great idea how the government could save money on food stamps. Every house on the street has a food a mini refrigerator outside plugged in next to the road with big wheels. It would have a lock in feature where it would be anti-theft outside. The food banks would have access to the food and signal when they need people to donate on the top of the refrigerator. Make it coordinated and with a quality button that counts down and connect it to your phone so you know when to take it out, so people get the best at the food bank or soup kitchen. Some people would make this like shopping though when it prevents food waste. It may be harder in places where there is bears, so make them bear proof version. Organizations can team up with drone companies and have it delivered. We can send extra food to Africa and other places in need that way. I also think that companies that give alot of high quality food away should get subsidies like Golden Corral, Luby's,and Furr's for their food too old for sale also give subsides for groceries as well.

Fighting food waste 

We should partner with fighting food waste with food banks and soup kitchen to get the most out of our resources. It is good to grow food too. I may put some articles on gardening to help with hunger. 

Food Bank List

 Please send me Food bank lists. If I don't have any in your area. I will try to add it to the site. I want to make a search algorithum for it. If you know how to do that contact me.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Opportunities to help the needy

 Every church has need of you to help the needy. Many have many events helping the needy. Some churches people call church plants and the more we have the better because of many reasons. Besides counseling, churches are charities. They stabilize the economy and help the poor out of losing houses and cars. Some even build homes as charity. They have resources on hand to help people in bad situations. I know many that have been helped.