Thursday, May 2, 2019

Panhandling: A Human Right

I think panhandling is a human right. It is people's right to fundraise and some people need it to survive. You shouldn't take a survival tactic of someone getting on their feet.  This taking away begging is bad for street businesses. People make money on the side of the road. Church raise funds by selling bottles of water, soda, and carmel apples. Firefighters and servicemen raise funds by panhandling. People sale papers,wash windows by panhandling. Your discouraging good businesses and a good economy. It frees up the state from additional debt by allowing panhandling. Less people using unemployment. I know I would have done it once when I was stranded without my license. I just didn't think about it.  You never know.

Jobsites that lead to a job Monster you can place your resume to be reviewed, you can submit to several job places at once. up to date you can see how a company rates.

Facebook job

Daylabor places-google search

Temp agencies-google search

Government every job goes through this site in the state of texas.

Job ads in your local paper


Downloads help the homeless.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Get a job real fast

I want you not to be on the street. Right now I feel urged to start this blog for people in the struggle of their life. I can say that Jesus will help you more than you think. Look for Christian churches that will help you. It is better to see what they are about and believe that will help you also with your emotional heartache too. Churches have lifted me up. Look past anyone that look down on you. That doesn't represent Jesus. Give us Christians a chance we would love to be your friend.
Here is some resources that will help you.
Day labor places help people out of binds all the time. You just show up early in the morning and they find you temporary labor. I have done temp work at labor ready. It is honest work and if you are out of a job or in a slow season it can pay bills. Temp agencies are a great place to start. You can develop a relationship with a person and get a good job.
If you have issues with alcohol or other controlled substances.